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Beginner here needing knowledge

Greetings to all this is my first post and i am new to the whole hifi music. I am 22 a marine who enjoys high quality music always had someone to download them for me though. Heres to my first attempt to grasp the knowledge of music files and different bit rates. This is a forum so can anyone please enlighten me on the difference between 16 and 24 bit. No need to dummy it down for me. Also can i get knowledge on what file type i should play in my car? If anyone here knows anything about audio i have 2 helix a4, helix dsp (not the pro no need for 10 channels) PHD 3 way mixed sets MF 6.5, AF 4.1, and AF 1.1 silk. no rear stage, but sub stage i have a really good sq 12 on about 300 watts. I'm all about sq. can someone please guide me on what i need to download and what so stay away from. Just the beginner do's and dont's.
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