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Re: RIP Freezer

Freezer was quite a character, and I very much appreciated our private exchanges.
Originally Posted by freezer 2006.01.24
YOU are one cheap and mean petty SOB, pieface....YOU'RE one gluttonous li'l mofo, ain't ya, when it comes right down to it..........And you've never even bothered to tape anything while you enjoy the collection you "earned", as you take "laying on the leg" of all those before you to a new heights. I was talking about YOU not adding to the trade pool........But, hey, considering your knee-jerk response, pieface, you just keep talking, possibly someday you'll say something intelligent.
Originally Posted by mustardpie 2006.07.11
Yep. I said that... So I was wrong.
Originally Posted by freezer 2006.07.12
I've re-evaluated my thoughts on Led Zeppelin collectors, especially on Dr. Mustardpie.
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