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Re: Basic Downloading question for new guy

Originally Posted by stereory View Post
Im new to bittorent trading and downloading SHN and FLAC and I have a few basic questions after being up and running for a few days... I hope someone can shed some light on this for me....

1. I average 16-18mbps. The recordings I am downloading are averaging 1GB each. How many downloads at once do you think I can handle?
Probably 10 downloads at a time easily with those speeds
I have been doing the bittorent downloads... sometimes it downloads quickly other times not.
It would vary because of the upload speeds of those you are grabbing it from

2. I have been backing up what I download to an external harddrive by dragging and dropping the folders of flac or shn directly from my computer harddrive to the external drive. It appears the windows "copies" the files to the external drive. Leaving one copy in its original destination and another in the external harddrive. I cant seem to figure out how to get the original in the external drive any other way.
If the external is connected at the time of download you could just direct the files to that drive when you start the download in your bittorrent program if you didn't want to have it on both drives
Is this not the preferred way to do this? Am I introducing errors or otherwise harming my recordings by doing this?
just copying files they should remain unchanged and no harm no foul

3. Bittorent. I have been download shows. When complete, it says I am now "seeding" it. Does that take resources away from my other downloads? Also how do I know if someone is connected to my "seed"... I hate to remove the seed and screw someone over.
your seeding (uploads) are not affecting your download speeds as far as I know and it is good etiquette to try to have a 1:1 seeding:download ratio
I sure would appreciate to hear your opinions. Thank you.
see above
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