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Re: Basic Downloading question for new guy

I would recommend only one or two downloads at a time to avoid slowing the process. Each additional download will slow down the process. Download speeds will also be affected by the number of seeds and their system speeds.

It also is considered to be good manners to leave the downloads running until you have at least seeded the volume downloaded. A thank you in comments is also desirable.

The quality of what is available to download varies greatly. SBDs, Pre-FM, FM and MTX are generally preferable to AUD recordings. If samples are available I would suggest using them as an indicator of quality.

On my Windows 7 PC I right click on the folder I am transferring to a backup drive and select Send To and then the drive letter I have noticed no problems in years of doing this. It is a good idea to keep a copy that has been unmodified for reseeding purposes.

Others may have different thoughts. Enjoy and welcome to TTD !
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