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Re: Compact Flash/SD Flash file recovery...???

Originally Posted by dasmueller View Post
+1 on this program. I have used it in the past to recover lost files from a SD card.

I paid the $40 (and it goes by a LOT of names, or it's not just Wondershare/Recuva) and extracted all the files in every manner possible (.wav, raw, partition fix, blah blah)

and they're still, as is, just a 10m loop of the 1st 10m of the soundcheck...over all 4 files...nearly 6 hours

how do you you look at the raws (what do you open them in), and how do you attempt to fix headers (which is what I guess happened)

never added any info to the card, or wrote over anything, it locks up the Edirol when you put it in there, but the card reader on the cpu can look at the files, they're the right size, etc...

this third link is VERY interesting, but I can't seem to get the damn thing to work....
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