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is there a direct transition from shn to flac?

I was wondering about uploading this but not sure about the lineage. can anyone tell me if this would be good to go?


Source: original analog source (via Tony Glover, 1961) > CD bootleg > SHN
"Exact Audio Copy" extraction and seekable "Shorten" archival by M Blake.
** Lossless conversion to FLAC using --best/-8 done on 30 January 2004 **


Bob Dylan
The Minnesota Tapes
Wanted Man Music 33/34/35

"Minneapolis Party Tape" (60:20.12 / 19:28.40 -> 79:48.52)

- Bonnie Beecher's apartment, Minneapolis, Minnesota - May 1961
d1t01 (As I Go) Ramblin' Round 04:08.57
d1t02 Death Don't Have No Mercy 02:17.63
d1t03 It's Hard to Be Blind 03:06.35
d1t04 This Train Is Bound for Glory 02:53.40
d1t05 Harmonica Solo 03:54.57
d1t06 Talkin' Fish Blues 06:04.03
d1t07 Pastures of Plenty 06:08.22
d1t08 Railroad Bill 04:09.30
d1t09 Will the Circle Be Unbroken 01:02.25
d1t10 Man of Constant Sorrow 03:13.10
d1t11 Pretty Polly 05:32.03
d1t12 Railroad Boy 02:44.30
d1t13 James Alley Blues (Times Ain't What They Used to Be) 03:38.37
d1t14 Bonnie, Why'd You Cut My Hair? 01:43.05
d1t15 This Land Is Your Land 03:48.73
d1t16 Still a Fool (Two Trains Running) 03:07.65
d1t17 Wild Mountain Thyme 02:46.57

d2t01 Howdido 01:48.07
d2t02 Car, Car 02:05.25
d2t03 Don't You Push Me Down 01:59.35
d2t04 Come See 02:08.65
d2t05 I Want It Now 02:59.45
d2t06 San Francisco Bay Blues 02:06.50
d2t07 Young But Daily Growin' (Lang a-Growing) 04:38.38
d2t08 Devilish Mary 01:42.00

"Minneapolis Hotel Tape" (31:37.47 / 50:08.00 -> 81:45.47)

- Bonnie Beecher's apartment, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 22 Dec 1961
d2t09 Candy Man 03:08.15
d2t10 Baby, Please Don't Go 04:14.72
d2t11 Hard Times in New York Town 02:18.30
d2t12 Stealin' 02:15.10
d2t13 Po' Lazarus 04:24.68
d2t14 I Ain't Got No Home 02:08.32
d2t15 It's Hard to Be Blind 03:02.53
d2t16 Dink's Song 04:55.35
d2t17 Man of Constant Sorrow 03:34.50
d2t18 East Orange, New Jersey 01:34.57

d3t01 Deep Water (Naomi Wise) 03:03.40
d3t02 Wade in the Water 02:59.12
d3t03 I Was Young When I Left Home 05:56.25
d3t04 In the Evening 03:58.58
d3t05 Baby, Let Me Follow You Down 02:58.25
d3t06 Sally Gal 01:44.22
d3t07 Gospel Plow 01:29.53
d3t08 Long John 06:23.70
d3t09 Cocaine Blues 02:00.00
d3t10 VD Blues 02:12.27
d3t11 VD Waltz 00:50.70
d3t12 VD City 01:47.65
d3t13 VD Gunner's Blues 02:37.00
d3t14 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 03:38.68
d3t15 Ramblin' Blues (Ramblin Round) 03:19.47
d3t16 Black Cross 05:07.18

Notes: Recorded by Tony Glover (of Koerner, Ray & Glover) during informal
sessions where Dylan played for some friends, these Minnesota tapes offer
us a more accurate - and in some ways, more entertaining - aural snapshot
of Bob Dylan's early repertoire than anything Columbia would release. As
a seeming antitheses to any of the spontaneity shown amongst friends, his
debut album sounds barren by comparison.

Vintage Season
October 10, 2000
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