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Re: If you don't know the generation, should you forget torrenting it?

Originally Posted by Lou
Just so you know, that's EVERY Police show. They have not kept track of lineage over the years.
No...but you need to put down everything thing that you DO know...if it's from CDR, then you'll know that it's CDRx (x meaning unknown gen) > EAC (or other error-correcting ripper) > lossless format.

You also must know the original source, SBD/AUD/STU whatever. You can put together a good lineage from that.

We also want a note knowing that you've check the show and that it is complete, gapless, lossless, and doesn't have any digital static anywhere on it.

We just want people to give the extra effort to check for these things, include the most they can about the lineage, and double check their recordings before seeding. I'm sure we can work with you to get most of the seeds you want to make up here! And we're always willing to help!
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