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Re: Should I apply RIAA curve to a vinyl rip from laptop?

Stereo, mono, whatever. It's still a mic input not a line input. Unless you've got a hyper-souped-up laptop made for hardcore audiophiles, the built-in soundcard is cheap. Super cheap! Like, it probably cost the company pennies to make. It will not do a good job on any musical sounds. It's made for skype and applications like that, not for seriously recording anything. You kinda get the quality that you pay for. Plus, a built in soundcard (even one that does have a line input) will pick up a lot of interference from the electrical storm happening inside your CPU. You'll get a drastic jump in signal-to-noise ratio with a good AD/DA converter that's located outside of your computer and away from all that interference....

And, yes, while the cart on the crap turntable is also probably crappy, the lack of low end response is due to a lack of a suitable preamp for the turntable and all the other weak links in your audio chain.

I really recommend looking into getting a USB external audio card of quality. That will improve your experiences in both capturing audio from both the crappy turntable and your tapes. Yes, I think you should look for a different method to do tapes!
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