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Re: All sorts of questions regarding dvd quality.

As far as any video on DVD or Blu-Ray, it's got some compression applied to it to get it into the proper format for players to read. There are lossless codecs out there for video, but they aren't typically for your everyday viewing needs. Generations in terms of sources means how many times it has been dubbed from the original source. So if I recorded a show onto VHS today, that tape would be first generation. If I mailed it to a friend, and he copied it onto another blank tape, his tape would be second generation. Likewise with DVD, if I received one, then compressed the video to fit it on another disc with something else, it would become second generation. I'm not an expert on tracing quality like a lot of people are on here, so I can't answer that question very well. Hope that helps answer some of your questions. Welcome aboard!
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