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HD Video - Proshot How can I play files in DVD format that are stubborn to play in that format?


I belong to this and other sites which are primarily music torrent sites for the purpose of downloading music torrent videos files. I generally like to play torrents which are available DVD formatted without burning them. I play these files in the VCL player or the mpc-hc64 player and are usually successful in playing them that way. The thing is some of these DVD formatted files will not play in those players. Sometimes it seems I have to just burn a DVD to be able to play some DVD formatted files.

I dislike having to burn DVDs in order to play DVD formatted files since having a lot of DVDs gets unwieldy and keeping all my music video files on the large hard drives doesn't since they are easier to Peru's and search with your computer. So what is the best answer to always be able to play your DVD formatted music video files without burning them. Are there players or virtual DVD mounting programs that just don't fail? Just what is my best shot in playing music video files in DVD format directly from a hard drive when VLC and mpc-hc64 players failed to do so?
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