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Re: If you don't know the generation, should you forget torrenting it?

We recognize the fact that older bands don't have this stuff. So, I wrote this up on a show we pulled recently:

I just wanted to clear up a couple of things....

First off, if a Silver CD of this show exists, we just like to know that you did your homework and that a Silver CD > EAC > wav > etc lineage of this show doesn't also exist. We want to know that this is, in fact, the known circulating show.

As far as the CDR part, we like to know if you know the generation. If so, we would like to know it also. So, CDR(1), CDR(3), etc, or if simply unknown, then we like CDR(x).

If this is not extracted from the originals, then we need to know that you have listened to the show and that it is 'digitally clean' and you know it is lossless and gapless. (I've even seen some users attach an image showing the Spectral Analysis of a 2 second part of a track).

I know these rules sound picky, but we really are trying to make sure that the shows that are circulating on this site are indeed worthwhile downloads for the users. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to PM myself or any of the other Mods.

The whole thing about seeding CDR(x) is written about in the FAQ and it says it's pretty iffy. Don't try to do it with a show taped this year or last year, or..... it will be pulled. That part was written about *older* shows.
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