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Re: "Firewalled" and seeding problems...

Originally Posted by TAFKAO(+> View Post
Then, I deleted the torrent and closed uTorrent and I restarted my computer and my router. When I relogged in TTD, the "firewalled" status has disappeared, the 60011 port worked fine in CanYouSeeMe.Org but when I reloaded the torrent in Utorrent, it didn't seed. Consequently, my ratio is now very low and I don't want to download any other torrent for fear of making things worse... In that way, I would be very grateful for any help!
You can only "seed" if there is somebody to seed to. Looking at that Prince torrent, there are currently 14 seeders and 0 leechers. Until somebody new joins the torrent then you're not going to be able to get your ratio up.

It looks like you've resolved your Firewall issue so any future downloads should be fine...
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