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"Firewalled" and seeding problems...

Hi everyone,

Today, after downloading the torrent "prince city lights remastered vol 4" (, I noticed that I was "firewalled"... I have read the dedicated section in the forum and tried to resolve that problem.

At first, I checked my uTorrent port in CanYouSeeMe.Org and in fact it was displayed "I could not see your service on (IP Adress) on port (60011)". Then, I disabled the Mac firewall and tried to change some Avast settings but it was the same. I decided so to go in my router settings in order to add the 60011 port for Utorrent (screenshot).

Capture d’écran 2014-08-03 à 01.04.54.png

Then, I deleted the torrent and closed uTorrent and I restarted my computer and my router. When I relogged in TTD, the "firewalled" status has disappeared, the 60011 port worked fine in CanYouSeeMe.Org but when I reloaded the torrent in Utorrent, it didn't seed. Consequently, my ratio is now very low and I don't want to download any other torrent for fear of making things worse... In that way, I would be very grateful for any help!

Here is my configuration:

OS: Mac OSX Mavericks
Router: Livebox FTTH v2 ZTE
Client: uTorrent Mac v.1.8.4
Anti-virus: AVAST Free

Thanks in advance,


PS: Sorry for my bad english, I'm french...
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