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Question Problems with an upload.

I was going to share a show here last night but the upload page told me that my ffp's weren't ffp's so I gave up and went to bed. I decided to try again this morning but now it won't let me upload the torrent file. I'm guessing that it won't allow me to upload the torrent file because last night's attempted upload is still in the system, but I don't understand why my ffp's were rejected. The show was the Sean Jones Quartet and here's what the ffp's look like:

b4be3275e8ac2c9edfdfcbb105db1c46 *2014sunflowermusicfestival.jpg
57b31610ad8172135beaa58e8a1f3e54 *pic01.JPG
942da12fc818d357159f3034e8ed4d49 *pic02.JPG
d6bb3815246ac55f5d62f81424cc56bd *pic03.JPG
b44cd8bf76e78a16eb57a7ea3d1e00e1 *pic04.JPG
0861b25a9f64da454b524ff1998edf91 *pic05.JPG
921e9d6e44c04d054115b8e3aab75644 *pic06.JPG
7d9ccb7bbc24cced9a36d9eeb5fca3ee *pic07.JPG
b399cb6eb1641f21e08a73b99f1bef11 *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09.flac16.ffp
56b22a56785f5507fe82fd1cd1f30678 *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09.txt
d5044f09f95c05282172481f1f28d1c7 *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t01.flac
ed454918b0b58a8a7f1105daab4a610e *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t02.flac
9169502eb595299fc1891798d40f40a5 *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t03.flac
313596eb6a15e3da279205779a55ed92 *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t04.flac
d188eabf76608f8dd5d40bb15dc0bd02 *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t05.flac
67887def47bd1f4dab56ba5a736d1bc3 *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t06.flac
a22fcd5707b8e5342b574855417e7bd5 *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t07.flac
a9a94ba29820b348776a1001771c08ef *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t08.flac
ca357567a02226d4a45a70d2a4c24bac *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t09.flac
c769b2183a693641fa36ae4c4c93920d *seanjonesquartet2014-06-09t10.flac

When copy and pasting those ffp's failed I tried to delete the ffp's of the pics, but that didn't work either.
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