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Thumbs down Bad Trader: Stanley Hartman

STANLEY HARTMAN (or as he likes to be known 'STAN the f***ing MAN' - he title he gave after ripping me off!!) from Ann Arbor Michigan. I'm not going to print out his full mailing address here (PM me if you think you may be dealing with this guy and I'll confirm it for you. He's mainly into Beach Boys, Brian Wilson stuff and the email addres he's used with me is .

Some background. He contacted me about a DVD trade, and he wanted two Brian Wilson shows I had (Glastonbury 2005 and Live 8)-I got his list and there was really nothing I wanted, but the guy seemed really keen. Both the shows he wanted were on separate discs, but as a favour, to keep it down to single disc trade (yes folks, we are talking about him stiffing me for ONE DISC!!), I picked a single disc I was vaguely interested in and authored both shows he wanted onto a single disc, and we arranged a date we'd both send.

Bear in mind here-he's in in Ann Arbor, USA - I'm in Manchester, England.

Two days after finalising the arrangements he sends a rather snotty e mail saying he hadn't got my disc and what was I this point I began to smell a rat, or at least a very, very thick person...UK to to US in TWO days?? After pointing this out in reply, he then came up with some rubbish about me 'not confirming' I'd sent my disc to him (Even though we'd already agreed that we were BOTH sending on a specific date), but succesfully skirted around my question to him ('Have you sent me your disc??'

All that was about 5 weeks ago. Since then I had no correspendence with him at all until I went through my outstanding trades and realised I hadn't got his disc-so I sent him a pleasant enough e mail, saying he hadn't confirmed getting my disc and I hadn't yet get his. In reply I got a tirade that looked like it was written by a 6 year old. Yes, he got my disc but 'it was crap', so no way was he sending me anything.

That disc was triple checked (on 3 different DVD players AND my PC DVD drives) before it went in full so I knew there was nothing at all wrong with it, and both recording were direct stream captures from the broadcasts and were PERFECT. Of course, the problem COULD have been that his equipment won't play PAL, but I'd made him aware that it was a PAL disc several times.

I now know he's been booted off at least one trading group recently for not offering out vines he'd received, so if he'll stiff me for a single disc and can't even get his backside into gear to pass on single disc vines, I'd hate anyone here to get into a mega disc trade with him.

Thanks for your ears
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