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Hard to believe it's been almost 2 years.

Originally Posted by freezer

I was there and I can see myself in the photo.

HOWEVER, these Sunday free concerts just weren't a gig for the ABB.

Every band in the area played these Sunday free concerts. As did some upcoming touring acts.

In 1973, the city refused to let this continue in Audubon park, but changed the location to New Orleans' City Park.

I remember seeing Bachman Turner Overweight at one of these Sunday shows, and I have many tapes of local bands at these shows. (no to BTO (can't find the tape), but I did tape a very young Melissa Manchester in her pre-disco "sensitive singer-songwriter" incarnation at one of these shows.)

The one set I really wished I had taped was the Jimmy Buffet portion of the Jimmy Buffet/Chocolate Milk/Dr. John and The Meters free concert, because Jimmy was drunk, kept playing waaay past his allotted time slot, and the crowd started to heckle him.

Buffet decided to challenge one of the hecklers, and a big black dude working for Chocolate Milk jumped up and defended the heckler by yelling at Buffet, telling Buffet to go fuck himself. (Buffet was cutting into the time spot already allotted to Chocolate Milk, and that band was ready to go onstage and were getting pissed off as were their fans.)

Buffet jumped off the stage and was K.O.ed in one shot, before he could raise his fist. They carted Jimmy off in an ambulance. and in 5 minutes Chocolate Milk hit the stage.

Jimmy was O-U-T... period.

One of the funniest things I saw, at any show or concert.

I wasn't planning to tape Chocolate Milk, but I did catch part of their set after that, just because...

Anyway, I'm on the left side of the photo in front of Gregg.

(and yes, I have something from that show... Reggie the Bullet's 8mm home movies, but the film is not just a film of the ABB, but it is mainly home movies of us and our friends.....
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