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Question Connection Limit Rule

I understand the reasoning behind only allowing 20 seeds per user, but this rule kind of assumes that someone is leeching every torrent you're seeding at all times, which is literally never the case(for me, anyway). So the whole "if you're seeding 20 torrents, each torrent is only getting 1/20 of your upload speed" isn't really true in my case(and I imagine most cases).

What this rule does to me is disable torrents I have seeding that could potentially have leechers on them, and instead keep torrents seeding that don't. Unless there's some sort of leecher detection method that determines which torrents to disable due to the connection limit, in which case ignore this thread entirely, but I haven't heard of anything like that. It's also impossible for me to manually monitor which torrents have active leechers and which don't...

So is there anyway to modify this somehow to detect how many torrents a user has seeding that actually have leechers connected? That way, only if you're actually sharing your connection with the maximum number of torrents allowed will any other torrents be disabled. Like I said, if I had 20 torrents going with leechers, I totally understand this rule. As it is now, however, seems to be doing more harm than good(in my case).

Just a thought. Thanks!
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