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Re: Firewalled...

To be sure I'm gonna ask this dumb question first. You are torrenting with your PC, right!?

Originally Posted by chiefs45177 View Post
Canyouseeme shows "Error: I could not see your service on on port (xxxxx)" for every port I check. I checked 6881 and 38733 (which Vuze shows as my incoming TCP listen port and my UDP listen port. Is this correct? Again, I apologize for not understanding the basics of this stuff.
No worries. That sounds like a port forwarding problem to me. Are you sure those two ports you mentioned (6881 and 38733) are open and directed (forwarded) to your PC's IP? Did you try to open another port besides these two and what is the result then? This to rule out your ISP is blocking you on the standard ports. (When testing you should have Vuze running)

Originally Posted by chiefs45177 View Post
The Ubee modem/router would be the master. The cable wire is plugged directly into it and then I have an ethernet cable from it into the computer. The Ubee wasn't giving me a strong wifi signal so I ran another line from it to the Belkin router for wifi. Originally, both routers were sending out a signal, so I called my ISP who then walked me through turning off the wifi signal on the Ubee.
If the Ubee is the master you should turn off DHCP of the Belkin and give it a non-standard IP (most routers use or The two routers and your PC should all have different IP's.

Originally Posted by chiefs45177 View Post
Funny, when I logged in tonight, I'm no longer showing firewalled. However, I don't show up in the peers list of the one torrent I am seeding either. ?
You show up as firewalled again but you're back in the peer list when I just checked.
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