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Re: Firewalled...

Canyouseeme shows "Error: I could not see your service on on port (xxxxx)" for every port I check. I checked 6881 and 38733 (which Vuze shows as my incoming TCP listen port and my UDP listen port. Is this correct? Again, I apologize for not understanding the basics of this stuff.

The Ubee modem/router would be the master. The cable wire is plugged directly into it and then I have an ethernet cable from it into the computer. The Ubee wasn't giving me a strong wifi signal so I ran another line from it to the Belkin router for wifi. Originally, both routers were sending out a signal, so I called my ISP who then walked me through turning off the wifi signal on the Ubee.

Funny, when I logged in tonight, I'm no longer showing firewalled. However, I don't show up in the peers list of the one torrent I am seeding either. ?
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