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Re: How do you organize your music on your comp?

nice trick with the "list"... haven't seen that before

Here's how I do it:
  1. Find a show I like, queue it up in TorrentStorm
  2. Share as long as I can....
  3. Check the md5s and/or ffps
  4. Rename the files to etree format
  5. Check a track to see if it's lossy-sourced and/or has SBE artifacts (small gaps & clicks) at the beginning or ends of the tracks using CEP
  6. Convert to FLAC (if it isn't already)
  7. Check for SBEs and/or correct them using FLAC frontend (gotta get my SHNtool running soon)
  8. Tag the files with foobar2000
  9. Listen to the music with WinAmp when I get the chance.
  10. Burn to CDR, delete from HD. Good shows don't get burned right away.
  11. Rave to local traders about my favorite shows and burn them a copy of the data if they want it. They do the same for me with their shows.
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