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Re: Firewalled...

What does say about the port number you are using with Vuze (standard port is 6881)? If they say they can see you, you're good even if our tracker says otherwise (false positive). If they say they can't see you, you're firewalled on that port. It could be that your ISP started blocking port 6881 recently. Port 6881 is a port used by many bittorrent clients. Try using another port with Vuze, preferable one between the range of 49152–65535 (don't forget to open that new port in your Ubee) and see what happens then.

About the routers, I assume you are using them parallel, I mean they both go directly to the wall socket box or cable modem. This set up should not lead to a firewalled situation if your ISP provided you with two addresses. If you have only one IP address and use them linear/serial we need to know which is the master and its configuration.
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