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I've been on TTD for 8 years and I'm seeing a "Firewalled" status for the first time ever.

OS: Windows 7
Router: Ubee DDW3611
Client: Vuze
Running Norton 360 Premier

My internet connection is hard-wired from the Ubee router into my computer, but I am using a Belkin N300 F9K10002v1 router for wi-fi in my house. It gives me a better signal than the Ubee. The wi-fi signal on the Ubee has been disabled. Maybe this setup is causing the issue?

I tried stopping and re-starting my torrents, but that didn't work. I am currently only seeding one torrent from TTD. If I stop it and remove it from my Vuze library, the 'Firewalled' status disappears. Once I start it back up, the status returns.

I called Norton and they walked me through checking the settings in 360 and everything seemed fine. They suggested I call my ISP for tech support, which for obvious reasons, I'd rather not do.

I also looked over the port forwarding site for help, but I'm a little confused due to my "use" of 2 routers. I'm pretty good with computers, but don't really have a handle on the network side of things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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