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I'm needing help on converting cassette masters to digital

Hi Traders,

I recently re-aquired some tapes I had in storage for 10 years or so made up mainly of bands I personally recorded in Toronto. Samples include: Husker Du at Larry's, Smths at Kingswood, Dinosaur Jr at the Cameron, Butthole Surfers and RPM, etc from the early 90's to late 90's. None have been previously circulated and I want to share them here. Eventually.

I bought a used high end tape player and am in the process of converting to digital on my Mac using Audacity but am having some questions arise as I do this process.

Some of my problems so far involve:

- When to 'normalize'?
- How do i best seperate a 45 min side to seperate tracks?
- How do I handle tape speed issues or detect speed / azmiuth issues on the master? How do i fix these?
- Some times after too many beers, my Sony Walkman D6 Pro would have the mic pop out partially, and one of the audio tracks would drop off until I noticed and re-plugged the mic. How do I copy/paste from the good channel over top of the bad until the correction was made essentially going mono for a short time? I can't seem to see how a copy / paste is done.

Can I get a tape --> digital consultant available for my questions?


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