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Re: How do you organize your music on your comp?

Originally Posted by feralicious
Where do you find the time...????
Efficiency....saving the scripts and writing batch files for everything saves an enormous amount of time. Lets see, the whole path a show takes for me is:
  1. Find a show I like, queue it up in Azureus
  2. Share as long as I can....
  3. Check the md5s and/or ffps
  4. Rename the files to etree format
  5. Run shntool len check for sector boundaries errors, fix if necessary
  6. Tag the files with foobar2000
  7. Put the folder into "To Listen"
  8. Listen to the music on my home PC or Rio Karma
  9. When checked and verified clean/gapless/etc it gets put into my tradelist (again, a batch script to adds the metadata to a database)
  10. Post the new show to my tradelist website
  11. Compress to OGG-6 if it's a good one
  12. Burn it to a DVD, delete it from the hard drive

I know...I'm a bit obsessive.....
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