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Re: How do you organize your music on your comp?

Originally Posted by feralicious
Are the metadata scripts easy to set up? Mind posting a sample? I've not tried to do all that, and doubt that I will since I don't have the time to simply archive and listen to what I've already got, and it just keeps coming in...
Yeah, I'll cook up a sample for how I do this tonight. It took me a few hours to get all the scripts written and the metadata templates saved, but it literally takes me about 15 seconds to completely tag a new set...I consider this a critical step as my Rio Karma will then browse through stuff by artist and then album. If I didn't tag the FLACs, it would be just a huge list of files..

Tagging is also necessary as, when I drop stuff onto my media drive, foobar2000 will browse through it by tags...if there's none on there, it's really ugly.

I don't if anyone else has ever had a folder on a Win-32 system with, say, 600 sub-folders in it....when I organized my files like that it would take 10 seconds or more just to load the folder in Explorer. With foobar2000, it browses all those files instantly . And, like I said, I can put multiple tags onto a single file so that it shows up under different artists.

I'll post a few samples into a new thread tonight or tomorrow.....
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