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Re: Make some new banners for TTD

Originally Posted by TVHeadAssPhuck
WTF? Why use two programs when PS can do it all? Are you just trying to be a rebel.

I've used Gimp once or twice and personally I think it is a replacement for MS paint, and not Photoshop AT ALL.
The problem is that I'm running a Windows binary under Wine (remember, Linux user here), and for some odd reason Photoshop won't minimize properly and I'll be stuck with those palettes over my other windows, which makes it unpleasant to try and use other programs while Photoshop is open (but it does come in handy when I've done a render in Apophysis and I'm trying to remember what background color I chose and input that into Photoshop). So I only use Photoshop when I'm going to be sticking around in that window for a while working on nothing but that picture. If I'm putting in one picture, then going back to my web browser to find something to fit the space, then going back to my image editor, it makes more sense to use an image editor that isn't going to block the sides of the screen.

If you'd like, I'll take some screenies to show what the problem is.

Oh, and GIMP is a whole lot more powerful than Paint (I had to use Paint for my Organic Chemistry projects, so I know what it can and can't do). Actually, GIMP has some filter options that Photoshop doesn't (or at least filters 7.0 doesn't have--can't speak for CS and CS2). Some tasks are a bit more painful to do in GIMP, but GIMP can do a vast majority of what Photoshop can do.
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