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Re: Catch up

Originally Posted by badbonz View Post
first all,i want to thank all for the help..
second,the drive is fried.I tried a few software appz to recover my files,but no luck.
The drive wont even spin up. I tried all i can think of.
My main worry was not to be banned from this site.
thankz in advance to all.

I'm telling you just because your drive wont spin up doesnt mean the files arent on there. for a lousy 30 bucks you might be able save all your stuff just like I did. I was also told my drives were dead and they wouldn't start either because the MTF header or something is missing so windows wont start It just keeps shutting off before anything can happen but with that device they started right up and I got all my stuff back.

good luck.

BTW I highly doubt you would be banned from this site. There a plenty of people who shitty rats and they have been here for years.
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