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Re: Newbie question - PAR-files

Originally Posted by te355 View Post
Hello Homebrew101,

I know that, but PAR-files are used to repair damaged files (be it FLAC, txt, jpg or whatever else from a post).
The only reason for me would be that a thread is (of should be) always 100% perfect so there is no need for PAR-files.

When a thread gets stuck at 95% some PAR-files could fix the problem. But that is how it is done in the "newsgroups".

Thanx for your input, greetings from Eric
I don't know all the techie details but you've basically answered your own question there: if your client says you have downloaded 100% then you should have exactly what was posted (even if the original files were bad).

Your point about being stuck at 95% is interesting, but of course for par(2) files to help would require that the par(2) files themselves were downloaded 100%. Right? Most likely the missing bits would be spread out among the entire fileset. As you've stated, par-files have eliminated the need for re-posts in usenet, but I don't think they'd help with the bit torrent protocol.
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