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burning files from two shorter DVD Concerts on one DVD


Over the months / years , I have downloaded a fair few Concerts (DVD) from here and other trackers, which are not so long (time) and therefore rather small (some are maybe 1,3 GB or 2,4 GB or 3,1 GB etc....)

They are in the ususal DVD formats with all the BUB, Video_TS files ... et all

To watch them on my TV set, I use a normal, simple Standalone DVD Player. So, I have to burn them fist to a usual 4,7 GB DVD, before I can watch them.

It often came to my mind, that it would be great to safe some Discs by burning two (or even more) of those short concerts together on ONE DVD.
Mabe, one concert with 3,1 GB and one (short) concert with 1,2 GB , together on one DVD.

But, I don't know ho to do this, and I have not found a Software to do this.

I don't wanna loose quality by changing the DVD fomat to an other format (mpg4, f.e.). I just want to burn those DVD files from two shorter concerts on one DVD.

Do somebody know how to do this ?
Is there a Software which can do this ? FREEWARE preferred !!

I'm native German speakin, so please answer in an easy to read English or (even better) in German (maybe, in German, than directly to me), if you can help me

Thanks in advance
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