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Originally Posted by badbonz View Post
had a hard drive totally fail.
I can't recover files.
how to bring download upload ratio back to even.
all files i downloaded are lost.
plz advise
Your files may still be on the hard drive so do not throw it away!!!.

There is a cheap device you use to slave your old hard drive to a new comp.

I have had this happen a couple times where I fucked up my windows operating system a couple times and was told the drive is useless and all the files were gone. After being ripped off for 400 dollars from a guy who was supposed to recover them another guy who works at a computer store told me about this device

This solved my problem, I hooked it up with my old had drive and plugged it into my new comp and all the files that were supposed to irretrievable were right there ready to use.

you use the connectors it comes with and then you can slide into the case which is shown in the picture. The USB hook up is easy.
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