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Re: How do you organize your music on your comp?

Originally Posted by RainDawg
First, once I am done seeding a show, I meta-tag the files with foobar2000 and put them into a "to listen" folder.
Oh... wait... you listen to the shows? That's a step I need to make time for.

Are the metadata scripts easy to set up? Mind posting a sample? I've not tried to do all that, and doubt that I will since I don't have the time to simply archive and listen to what I've already got, and it just keeps coming in...

Where do you find the time...????

Can I hire you?



I organize by making folders for each artist, then putting shows in those and renaming them so they are uniform and arranged by date. Like the etree naming method.

Then for archiving, for favorite artists I'll keep the DVD archives as a full DVD for each of them. For less favorites I'll mix it up but still keep the A's together, B's together etc... And when I archive I copy the txt files to the root of the DVD and add at the end of the names the format and size (pjharvey1998-06-02--flac--635mb.txt) so I have a list of the folders and txt files visible when I pop the DVD in. Then after I've burned, verified and deleted the mdeia, I copy that DVD folder (PJ Harvey-1) with just the txt files into the orignal artist folder and a folder I have on another drive called "Archived". That way when I add shows to my list I have the that info handy and if it's not listed yet and I want to BT/vine it I can see immediately the sizes without going to my list, which is never up to date anyway.

Oh and for video DVDs I now use RecordNow! to burn so that I can put the txt file and artwork outside the VIDEO_TS folder and have it handy. Heard about that trick here in the technobabble section from h_vargas. I also have a "Video" folder in my "Archives" folder and put the txt/artwork in there. Come to think of it I should go ahead and put it in the indiv. artists folders too.
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