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MAYBE i spoke to soon?

OK>What can be done when you can't fit a concert on ONE DVD?

When i tried to put the file(concert) into Iplex, Iplex tells me it's too big to fit on a DVD+R. Is there anyway i can i get Iplex to do the whole file at one time and then i could burn to a Dual Layer or BD?

This is what a did try though: I split the files in half into Iplex, but the 2nd-half over-rode the first half. I have no idea what happen to the first-half. What happen was when i burn to DVD+R the 2nd-half burned and not the first-half.

I was thinking if i did split them up i could put both into ImgBurn then burn to a DL or a BD disc.

AM i making ANY sense?>LOL!
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