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Re: Burning direct from compressed files

Interesting points you raise about disabling BURNProof whilst writing audio CDs. I have a Plextor CD-RW 4012A and a Sony DRU500A (DVD-RW). It seems to be a common feature of Plextors that they require far more CPU time than other makes - the Sony is far better in this respect. Neither will burn at speeds lower than 4x. Sometimes the Plextor will under-run according to Nero, even at the lowest burning speed, and the buffer seemingly can't keep up. This is with a few background tasks running on the computer (an Athlon XP1800+, 512 MB) but nothing else. I optimised my hard drives under Windows 2000 recently as well. The Sony is fine under similar conditions and I could turn its buffer protection off. This is when burning direct from the compressed files. Rather weird but I'm using Windows through sufferance until I can scrape together enough pennies to buy SuSE Linux 9.2. Most of my burning is for personal use, however I do occasionally get backward folk who won't trade as files on DVD-R I will bear this useful advice in mind for the next time I'm doing a trade CD-DA burn.
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