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Re: How do you organize your music on your comp?

Here's a printup of my C:\MUSIC\Crosby, Stills, Nash + Young\ folder on my hard drive. (Look below.) (I used a free, small program called 'PrintFolders 1.5' to create a TXT document containing the folders' names & contents down to 3 levels.)

You can see that the folder names below can keep a lot of useful info handy, just by visiting each band's folder. Inside of the dated folders is where I download new shows. This is illustrated by the show's actual folder name at the end of each line below. On the dated folders, I use some extra labels, such as 'VID' or 'Interview' or 'Comp' to help me keep track of what's in those folders. And finally, when I burn a show to disc, I label the folder 'Archived'. Then I may convert the show from FLAC or SHN to MP3, WAV or APE or something for personal listening use ... and leave the smaller files on my hard drive.


\[1969-08-18] (CSNY) {WOODSTOCK, BETHEL, NY} (VID)\csny1969-08-18.vcd.mpgf\
\[1969-08-26] (CSNY) {GREEK THEATER, LOS ANGELES, CA}\csny1969-08-26.flac16\
\[1969-09-13] (CSNY) {BIG SUR FOLK FEST, MONTEREY, CA}\csny1969-09-13.flac16\
\[1969-12-14] (CSNY) {MASONIC TEMPLE, DETROIT, MI} (COMP) (ARCHIVED)\csny1969-12-14.flac16\
\[1970-06-03] (CSNY) {LAKEHURST, NJ} (ARCHIVED)\csny1970-06-03.shnf\
\[1970-06-04] (CSNY) {FILLMORE EAST, NYC} (ARCHIVED)\csny1970-06-04.shnf\
\[1970-06-05] (CSNY) {FILLMORE EAST, NYC} (ARCHIVED)\csny1970-06-05.shnf\
\[1970-06-06] (CSNY) {FILLMORE EAST, NYC} (ARCHIVED)\csny1970-06-06.shnf\
\[1970-11-09] (CN) {BBC, UK ARENA} (VID)\crosbynash1970-11-09.mpgf\
\[1971-10-04] (CN + SY) {CARNEGIE HALL, NEW YORK, NY} (ARCHIVED)\Crosby+Nash_1971-10-04.flac16\
\[1973-07-10] (CSNY) {WINTERLAND ARENA, SAN FRANCISCO, CA} (ARCHIVED)\csny1973-07-10.shnf\
\[1976-07-07] (SY) {CIVIC CENTER, PROVIDENCE, RI} (ARCHIVED)\stills-ny1976-07-07.ape399f\
\[1982-11-28] (CSN) {UNIVERSAL AMPHITHEATER, LOS ANGELES, CA} (ARCHIVED)\csn1982-11-28.shnf\
\[2002-07-24] (N) {XM STUDIOS} (INTERVIEW)\grahamnashatxm2002.shnf\

It's a lot of archiving, but I want to keep track of what I have. For the basic info, it saves some time since I don't have to open the TXT files to look at each show.
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