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Re: Burning direct from compressed files

Originally Posted by wazoo2u
1) if your computer's drive subsystems aren't optimized, the extra disk thrashing can cause buffer underruns, which produce coasters.
Wazoo is right, but let me add to this that you can enable buffer underruns, but it will ruin your audio CD by insterting little clicks in the audio if it is activated. Always turn buffer underrun off with Nero, if it ruins the disc then you know you're going to fast or trying to do too much with your computer (IE decoding on the fly). If you make a burn without buffer underrun, and it completes, I see no reason to think the disc is flawed.

That bug karst reported is extremely odd...I've never heard of it happening. Is it possible you accidentally told it to burn as a data disc instead of an audio disc? That's the only way I could see that happening....
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