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Re: Burning direct from compressed files

Originally Posted by Five
Did this happen to you, Karst? I've never heard of this before.
I have a Viao and the output has limits to it being customised. I got one dud due to this - it did burn but would not play in my 2 year old Sony Discman. I personally wouldn't trust the Nero decompression. I tend to use stand alone decompressors, cue up in either audio editing program/iTunes after checking and then burn at 1x to a TY disc. I've yet to find a drive that spits out the disc this way.

When I checked the dud disc it basically had the .shn files on it with some icon files. Changing the setup on the Viao seemed impossible - all audio was geared towards the SonicStage setup. Only now after a reinstall of the operating system (due to an unrelated failure) and the latest version of iTunes it can be by-passed.
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