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Re: Burning direct from compressed files

As you know, Nero has plugins for both FLAC and SHN files. What this means is that Nero will decompress the files into .WAV "on the fly" (probably buffered) as it's writing to disk. The obvious advantage is that it saves time.

The disadvantages:

1) if your computer's drive subsystems aren't optimized, the extra disk thrashing can cause buffer underruns, which produce coasters.

2) It's VERY unusual to find a compressed archive set that's edited exactly to your liking. Even TAO compilations will have uneven or long pauses at song start/stops, which means you need to decompress to .WAV, and lay out the tracks.

So if your system is up to the task, and the compressed files are to your liking, there's no reason you can't burn directly and get a CDA audio disk as the result.
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