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Re: vinyl to flac?

Originally Posted by e6003
I don't know if it's something Cool Edit Pro, etc., support, but I found a useful program called Wave Repair which is specifically designed for aiding the transfer of vinyl to CD. It has pop and click detection, but also allows you to manually redraw the waveform to eliminate such artefacts - rather than doing it automatically. I have used it with some success in the past for transferring some official LPs - but the pop and click removal process can be so labour-intensive that sometimes I've just given up and bought a cheap copy of the CD re-release! Find it at (demo version that works for 30 days or something, before you have to register it, unless you just want to use it as a hard disk audio recorder).
Hmmm... Wave Repair looks like one of those programs that could either be really really good or really really bad, not sure which. Would it be possible to get a short before/after sample of your work using this program, e6003?
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