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Re: Moving up to HD from SD tv and video.

Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
JackDog, I have the WD TV Live device, and it cost me about $80 or $90 dollars at Office Depot.
Wow! This thing looks great. I've got a fairly high-end Sony blu-ray player. But in spite of advertising that you can plug a thumb drive or SD card into it and watch the files on them, it's not much good for anything except blu-ray disks. About the only thing that does work is it will play video files from an SD card, but only files shot from a camera, and the files have to be the original files (in other words, if you take the card straight out of the camera, it will play the video files - but if you copy files to the SD card, even if they were shot with the same camera but recorded to a different SD card - it won't play them).
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