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Re: Planet Rock down

Originally Posted by A-l-l-a-n-o-n View Post
I can open the site with all listed torrents

but I am not able to open the site to read the threads (read the infos of a special torrent)
Neither with Firefox nor with IE

And this is the case for some weeks now

Sometimes I can open the the site with all listed torrents ... sometimes not even this, but never can't read the infos to the torrents.

There are a fair few new Hot Tuna torrents, that I like to download ... but no chance, when I can not reach to the special site where the torrent-file is.

And (this is even least for the other guys at P.R.), I CAN NOT UPLOPAD ANY NEW TORRENTS
Interesting. I had not tried to open a thread as I did not see any of interest. Just tried to open several w no luck.
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