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Re: How do you organize your music on your comp?

Originally Posted by dorrcoq
hey Reflection - where in BC are you?
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Mine - In general I like to use this file and folder format for each artist - "artist name" -> sub folder for each date -> with subfolders for each disc

I use this folder for all incoming downloads
My Music (moved to seperate drive) -> Incoming (sub folder "complete")

Another drive, use this folder for a share folder
Archived Aces. shows that are worth sharing or good to have on hand for trades, but may not be something I listen to alot.

Another 2 drives are set up for incoming vines, both identical

"Archived" - I use this folder for the shows that have been archived but I haven't had a chance to burn an audio copy or listen to them.

"Not Burned" (should change it to Not Archived) then sub folders for each of the vine sites I get vines from; AVZ, Phorum, TDD, TVF, DLT(Dylan Tree) and another for incoming trades, labeled "trades". This helps keep me from seeding a show on a site that I got the show from.

Another drive I have set up as my jukebox.

One folder "JukeBox"

And finally another drive set up as a work table. This is where all the audio CD-R's are ripped to and stored. Also were I will paste a show from an archived disc when I have to burn a copy for a trade. Basically a rotating array of music.

It may seem a bit mangled but it works. So there.
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