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Re: Came across a TLH .st5 issue with a particular fileset

Originally Posted by Drgiggles1 View Post
I recently downloaded a jk1985-04-27 fileset where the files all contained SBE's. After fixing the SBE's creating a .ST5 fingerprint file was unsuccessful telling me that all files are truncated or corrupt. All the files test OK. I tried creating a .FFP fingerprint file that was OK. ...
Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
i'll PM roann the link to this thread, being TLH's creator maybe he'll have some ideas
I'm puzzled ...creating st5 and ffp checksums is the same process: decoding to wav format (works if the files test ok) and creating a md5 checksum of the raw wave data. If ffp creation works the st5 problem cannot be caused by bad hd sectors.

1) TLH > Analysis > Show audio file details for the original fileset: any problems reported? If not, what happens if you a) fix the SBE only for the first file and create the st5 checksum for it, b) fix the SBEs only for the first two files and create the st5 checksums for both?
2) TLH > Checksum > create st5 checksums for the original fileset: errors?
3) TLH > Analysis > Show audio file details on the fileset with SBEs fixed: any problems reported?
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