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Re: Converting SHN to FLAC?

Originally Posted by germain View Post
If I am not mistaken when TLH converts shn>flac it does go through the conversion to wav then to flac. The wav files are not saved though.

The st5 signatures of the shn files will match the st5 or ffp signatures of the new flac files. Md5's are whole file checksums which check the container structure as well as audio data and won't match in any format conversion. St5's & ffp's are only checking the actual audio data which should be exactly the same when converting between lossless formats.
Yes, what germain said. Also, in a direct shn>flac conversion, most software probably writes the decompressed shn to a buffer in memory such that creation of an intermediate wav file is not necessary.

Personally, I wouldn't care which format the music is posted in, as long as enough info is included to make sure it's not something I already have in a different format.

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