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Re: Newbie to BLU RAY/HD capable equipment

Originally Posted by santanafan35 View Post
Thank you for all your tips! I did research and went with a Pioneer BDXL External Blu-ray burner, downloaded the free ImgBurn. Just having problems with Playing the TDD downloads on my Samsung standalone Blu-ray player. No problem playing these DLs on PC Blu-ray. Player says their is no video found for player when I insert disc? Maybe the brand it doesnt like? I got a cheap tawain brand best value i think. Maybe you can help me with my fire wall situation some other time so i can get my share ratio up. Thanks again man.
I play blu-ray files on my stand-alone Sony BD player via USB sticks ,no need to waste $ buying BD blanks to burn (assuming your BD player accepts USB inputs)
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