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DirecTV truly "cd-quality"?

I'd like to hear people's opinion of the audio quality of DirecTV. It's widely advertised as "cd-quality" (see the "Directv Latin America" subsection here: However, I recently had a Diana Krall show pulled from TTD because it had "digital satellite broadcast" in the lineage. (That's what DirecTV is). I'm only learning about this, but Frequency Analysis with Audacity of one of the Diana Krall files uploaded seemed to indicate lossless, while FA with EAC had the characteristic loss of db at 16KHz. (However, FM sourced shows also seem to have this drop on EAC.) Spectral analysis with EAC seemed to indicate lossless.

I just know that, to my ears, this show and the others I was planning to upload of other artists really do seem to be of cd-quality. However, I've looked around quite a bit on the Internet but can't find any technical specs of just what DirecTV's "cd-quality" exactly is. Any ideas here?
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