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Unhappy Windows XP:Folder properties.

I have just spent most of a day cross checking the size and folder/files count of every artist folder between my external hardrive and it's backup,because the main drive says it contains 160 TB of data,64,255 files and 5,526 folders,
while the backup contains 159 TB of data,64,241 files and 5,521 folders.
This leaves 14 files and 5 folders adrift.It's unlikely that those files belong in those folders,because I don't have many shows,or any,in fact with only two or three songs.
Are these folder properties accurate?
I ask because I noticed some odd things happening whilst looking for these mysterious bits of data.
Cross checking a Zappa show,the main drive said the folder contained 25 files,while the backup said it contained 24.Both copies contained 23 files.
Double checking afterwards,both said 25,so the backup changed to match the main drive,but both were out.
Similarly another show with the same amount of files read 30 on the main drive,and 31 on the backup.But counting them,there were 28.
Every so often,I'd check the main 'Archives' folder,as I named it,which contains all the individual artist folders,and found that on the main drive,the 'Archives' folder count,had gone down by one folder,and the files count by one file,so both drives seem to have a fluctuating count,adding or subtracting files and folders,apparently at random.
Any ideas?
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