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Make some new banners for TTD

I'm ready to start a new 'style' on here that has a rotating banner. And, these banners are going to be made by YOU! I'm linking to a psd file that contains three layers - the gray background, the media picture, and the text. I'd like you to keep the background and text when you make your own banner, but the media picture is optional. After you make your banner, make sure to do a Save For Web so the file size is smaller. And then, when you are done, mail them to (I won't be checking this everyday, so please be patient in waiting for your banner to show up).

I think it should go without saying that I want you to keep these nice. No making derogatory banners of other users or bands or banners that can be considered offensive, derogatory, or not work safe because I just won't include them in the rotation.

Do a right-click Save File As on THIS PSD FILE (651 KB)

Please bump this thread if you have sent in a banner so that I know to go check out that gmail account.
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