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Re: Newbie to BLU RAY/HD capable equipment

These are all based on the assumption you're on a PC. You'll need an internal Blu-ray burner drive. You can check, or TigerDirect for good prices, and ratings. LG, and LiteOn/ASUS tend to be the better choices, and are usually in the $50-80 range. If you are buying an internal drive, make sure you check the specs for the drive to see if it's compatible with your system. You can also buy an external burner, but the performance may not be as great. You'll also need good, reliable blank media. I'm a Verbatim fanboy, so that's my recommendation for blank discs. Again, do your research and read up on reviews for different brands. We all have our favorites. No suggestions for copying movies. Maybe hit up and look around there. I wouldn't use any software that you have to pay for, as there are usually great freeware programs that will handle it, and handle burning too. ImgBurn is a popular freeware among us, and will burn Blu-ray. If you are burning a blu-ray show from TTD, then the files are already in the appropriate format to burn. If you are authoring, then you'll definitely want a paid program, and again you might want to look at Videohelp for suggestions.

If you're on Mac, then someone else will have to field that one.

Lastly, you might want to get that share ratio up there . People will be a little more eager to help you out then.
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