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Talking Re: Hack of the Year--PAL to NTSC in one minute!

I got some Region 0 PAL DVD's from Australia from one of my favorite comics, and figured the Region 0 would be OK with my DVD/Blu-Ray players...NOT. I did the DVD Shrink thing to make sure the region 0 thing was really really stripped off since my players did not like these DVD's at luck. So I tried the IFO EDIT 'hack' to change the PAL specification to NTSC, and burned the DVD's again (using CDBurnerXP, and awesome freeware program which even supports dual-layer DVD blanks, which I used). And YEEHAH! I am watching it right now, and it looks GREAT with my fussy Samsung BD-C5500 Bluray (loaded with firmware and a source of major bitching on the net). And the video quality was NOT compromised, which I have read on other posts with others that have used various methods to convert PAL (a better video quality, BTW) to NTSC.
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