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Re: Screenshots for videos

Screenshots really would have helped prevent me from D/Ling a lot of really crappy Grateful Dead video, stuff that would later draw comments like "this video was pretty much unwatchable, but now that it's been synced with soundboard audio..." If I'd known that in advance, I would have just grabbed the audio. (Note that comment was from another tracker about a video which I have no idea if it's been offered here or not.)

Unfortunately, most folks don't make comments as to the quality of what they grabbed, unless it's really on one end of the scale or the other.

The comment HB made about what I assume he meant to say mp3 samples is a valid one as well. I'll try to figure that out before I up any audio here, but that's well down the list. I was happy just to have sorted out EAC so I can finally start sharing some of the "silvers" I used to pick up for cheap at record shows in Germany.
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